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Baby’s Very First… Christmas

Baby’s Very First… Christmas

My Dad always said that Christmas was for kids, and it will be a very special one this year for many families celebrating their baby’s very first Christmas. How will you make it a special occasion for your kid? Or if your kids are a little bit older now, what did you do to make it special? We’d love to hear all about it. Why not leave us a comment? It really is a time for making memories…

The Wander Family’s Baby’s First Christmas Tree

Baby’s First Christmas

Baby’s Very First Christmas Inspiration from Pinterest

10 Ways to Remember Baby’s First Christmas

Housewife Eclectic has a list of 10 ways to remember Baby’s First Christmas.

  1. Baby Hat Ornament
  2. Ultrasound Ornament
  3. Handprint and footprint Ornament
  4. First pair of shoes
  5. Mistletoes
  6. Baby Feet Reindeer
  7. Handprint Santa
  8. Christmas Tree Hands
  9. Ornament Photos
  10. Christmas Lights and Santa Hats

Baby’s first Christmas Ornaments

Baby Stocking Stuffers


Crafty Snow Globes

Baby’s First Christmas Photo Ideas

Baby’s First Ornament

How to make baby’s first Christmas special…

Lullaby Nanny Share think the trick to a magical Christmas is traditions. They write:

“Traditions are definitely what makes Christmas so special each year and every family has their very own unique set of traditions. For baby’s first Christmas, think about what you loved as a child and what kind of traditions you think you’ll enjoy as a family for years to come. You can pick and choose which traditions you like and create a new set for your very own little family. Whether that be leaving cookies for Santa, wearing Christmas pyjamas on Christmas Eve or enjoying a special Christmas breakfast; it will be something you look forward to doing as a family each year!”

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